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Works great for swimming,water-skiing & wakeboarding! AND it’s “hands free”! When waterskiing, you may be required to have a ski flag to signal when a waterskier is down. In California, for example, it's mandatory to use a ski flag when a skier is preparing to ski or is down, a tow line is extended from the boat or there is a ski in the water in the vicinity of your boat. California's law defines a ski flag as:"A red or orange flag measuring no less than 12 inches on each side, in the shape of a square or rectangle, mounted or displayed in such a manner as to be visible from every direction shall be known as a ski flag."

Who we are...

River loving & childhood friends Dean (successful HVAC family business owner) & Greg (San Diego Police Officer),  started designing and manufacturing their own products in their garages. When friends saw our Tower Flags on our boats, they began to place their orders and we’ve been building them ever since.

We all just want to have safe & good times!

When it comes to the law, pleading ignorance is no excuse—nor is it smart, especially when it comes to boating and water safety. 

Do yourself and your crew a favor before you head out for waterskiing & wakeboarding. 

Know your local laws. 

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